2015 Moleskines – part 22

Three more moleskine sketches to round out the week.  Have a good one everyone!



joshhagen_april23Can anyone guess who the last sketch is a study of?  Bonus points if you know the awesome artist.  Answer in the next post.  Stay tuned!

2015 Moleskines – part 21

Today we have something new…**drum roll**…3 new moleskine sketches!




Okay, maybe not different.  But tomorrow will be!  I’ll be posting…**drum roll**…3 new moleskine sketches!  Stay tuned!

2015 Moleskines – part 20

Three more today…




And three more to come tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

2015 Moleskines – part 19

Time to crack open a new moleskine and get to sketchin’!

This new moleskine is the way it should be.  The last one had thin pages (closer to typing paper) so I lost a few pages from the previous ones bleeding through.  Very annoying.  But this one has nice thick pages like my moleskines of the past.  Hopefully the company has fixed whatever issues they had and the quality is back to where it needs to be.

The gradation shading trick that I cracked with the prismacolor markers by the end of the last sketchbook has really been working well on these thicker pages.  Really enjoying the work coming out of this moleskine.

On to the new sketches!




Three more to show tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


2015 Moleskines – part 18

Hard to believe I’m already at the end of this little moleskine sketchbook.  The only thing disappointing about this moleskine is that the pages were thinner than usual.  I’ve heard that this happens sometimes.  Don’t know why – very irritating since my markers and inks bleed through them and I can’t use the following page.  Fortunately my wife bought me a brand new moleskine and it has ALL THICK PAGES!  Nice!  Very eager to get started on that one.

But now, let’s get to the sketches.

“I am Groot.”:


I see you:joshhagen_march29-2

Frankenstein monster-ish kinda guy:joshhagen_march29-3

And that’s all she wrote.  Another sketchbook finished.  Someday I’ll have to pile them all up and take a picture.  Might need a wide lens.  :)joshhagen_march29-theend

2015 Moleskines – part 17

Three new sketches to show today.  Nearly at the end of this little sketchbook!




Last group from this sketchbook will be posted tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

2015 Moleskines – part 16

Something different for todays batch of moleskine sketches:




More to come.  Stay tuned!