Writing In 2020 – An Overview

Is it really 2020? I feel like there should be a booming voice announcing, “Welcome to the Future!” For those of you born around or after 2000 maybe it’s not that big of a deal. But for those of us a bit older (like myself), 2020 seems kind of special. We’ve been through Y2K. Glided through 2001 (the year we made contact) as well as 2010. And here we are all the way up to 2020. But alas, still no flying cars.

All that aside, looking back at 2019 I am pretty happy how the year went writing-wise…

First off, I a couple of my short stories were published:

My first short fiction was published in August. It’s titled, “The Moon’s Gone All Smooth.”

My second short fiction/micro fiction was published in October. That one is titled, “Check YES to Live.”

I submitting many short stories to quite a few online publications, but only two were published. I discovered a lot along the way. Mostly I discovered how much I still had to learn. But, bit by bit, my writing improved and I think that stretching my writing muscles through writing many short stories (in a variety of genres) had a big part to play in that. At some point this year, I think I will concentrate on revising and submitting some more.

Last November I took part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It was my first time trying out in the event. The point is to attempt to finish 50,000 words within the month. Either you would have a full first draft done or a good chunk finished. I was able to complete about 58,000 words, but not a full first draft (still working on the third act). It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to taking part again.

On to 2020. This year my main goal is to (crossing fingers) get an agent. The middle grade novel I’ve been feverishly working on (presently on the 5th draft) will more than likely be what I plan to submit. There are others in development (aren’t there always!), but they are still in need of more revising.

As for when I would like to submit…well, I could say that I would LIKE to submit right now, but that would be foolish. I still have work to do. From the manuscript to the query letter to…etc., etc., etc. I believe it will let me know when it is ready.

A new deadline that I have given myself for finishing the 5th draft of my middle grade novel is February 20th. This is because on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, the online writing convention, WriteOnCon will take place. This will be my first time attending and I would like to be prepared for any possible scenario. If I happen to catch the attention of an agent, I would like to have all possible materials ready to send. That would be the best case scenario. But if that doesn’t happen, no worries. I’m still looking forward to the mountain of events they have each day.

Other than that, my writing goals include, well, writing. I’m doing my best to write regularly each and every day. That could be working on my novels drafts, short stories in varying genres and voice, or sitting down to plot or edit. More writing related goals include reading every day and studying. I have a shelf of books that I have either read or will read on the craft.

That’s my first update for the year. Thanks for reading. Maybe I’ll see you at WriteOnCon.

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