Okay, it’s been a little while since my last post. I lost my sister about a week and a half ago now and it’s been an uphill battle to feel creative again. She loved to look at my artwork so I will do my best to make her proud. Yesterday was a sad and confusing day. Therefore, starting today, I would like to turn that around and do some positive, creative stuff.

So, to start off, I have a couple of pieces I did a few months back. Just playing around with some ink. I plopped some ink down on some paper and took and straw and blew it around. Went through a few rough ones before I came up with something that looked like fun to finish up. I then used a brush pen and filled in a few spots and have these 2 characters. The really dark one I took a tissue and lightly brushed across it. I kinda like that and at the same time, kinda don’t. lol Ah well, it’s a process. I do really like how freeing it was. Just playing around with the medium.

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