Gundam vs. Godzilla!

I’ve just finished up an ink piece for an online challenge (I think I’m addicted to online challenges lol) over at Sketch Theatre.  The challenge was “Gundam” – you know, the giant robots?  Anyways, I thought I would change it up and do a piece that had a bit more of a narrative to it instead of just a juicy character shot – which is fine, I just wanted to show a story.

I thought that a fight between the gundam and a giant monster would be the perfect way to go.  It started out as a gundam vs. cathulu, but I ended up changing it to a vs. godzilla.  I sketched in the shot that I wanted – foreground, middle ground, and background.  I decided to tilt the shot a bit for a sense of action.  And I had godzilla’s tail wrap around as a counter to the sword and to help lead the eye.

From there, I used micron pens on the gundam (to make it more mechanical) and a brush pen on godzilla (to make it more organic).  After that, I used ink washes on the background city – very loose.  And then ink washes on the gundam and godzilla.

Lastly, I used an inky wet paper towel for godzilla’s texture and a white correction pen for a bit of highlight here and there.

All in all a fun and quick piece.

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