Zombie Pawn want braaaaiiiiiinsss!

I wanted to post my new entry for this month’s Sketch Theatre’s monthly challenge. This month’s theme was “Living Chess.”
Initially I started with a sketch of an old decrepit castle falling apart and revealing a decomposing face. In other words, the castle would be rotting. But another entrant had posted an image of a living castle/monster along the same lines so I decided to scrap my idea and move on.
Next I came up with the concept of a military drone as a pawn. It seemed like a perfect fit. I started on a few different roughs, but there wasn’t really any story behind them. They were just some pretty perspective renderings of predator drones. So I decided to move on.
Then, it hit me – ZOMBIE! A perfect pawn (well, for me anyway). It’s mindless and fun to draw. But I didn’t want it attacking pieces from its own side. So I added on a big retro brain control device – complete with wires and a gaudy satellite dish.
I think it turned out pretty good. Fun to do too!

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