31 Days of Monsters!

This month I have decided to post “31 Days of Monsters.”  In other words, I will be posting a new monster every day.  Each will be different and made from scratch.

I have to admit that I didn’t start this out very well.  Yesterday I posted my first entry over on my facebook page, but neglected to post it here *face palm*.  So today will have 2 monsters to show.

And here we go!

The first monster was something I had in my head of just a big exposed mouth with the skin pulled back.  No other features.  Just something freaky!

With the second monster, I gave myself a 10 minute time limit.  I started scribbling lines all over the place – had no plan of what it would be – and eventually started to see some shapes that I liked.  I could see a nice big head and some pointy legs.  From there it ended up a crab-man biker dude….or something.

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