Daytime Sketches

These 2 small head sketches are from earlier today.  Each one quickly sketched out from a real rough idea I had.

With the character on the left, initially I wanted to draw an alien that cheeks that inflated like a frog or a prairie chicken.  I elongated his head which gave him almost a basset hound feel – also enhanced by the basset hound ear-like cheeks.  It’s an interesting experiment.

The guy on the left was one that I wanted to do in profile.  I also wanted to make it look like he has a big head.  I could have gone the route of a classic big-headed alien or a water-headed skull.  But it ended up going in its own path.  I think the short neck with fatty skin folds helped make it more unique.  I also gave him bits of hair on his head and chin.  All in all I think it made him look less ‘brainy’ even with the big skull.  Fun sketch.




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