New Moleskine Sketches

I’ve had some time to sketch some more recently and have been filling up some pages in my little pen & ink moleskin sketchbook.  I really enjoy playing in this little sketchbook!

Most all of my sketching has been with a micron 02 pen.  Though I did use a few prisma markers on the upper left one and the 2 in the middle were done with my brush pen:



These really have been a lot of fun!  Just loose sketches – no idea what I’m going to draw when I start (especially when it came to the rabbit-thing in the upper right).  And I’m able to exercise different techniques here and there as I sketch:




Some turn out great, some turn out so-so, some turn out weird.  But the whole point is to practice and get the “miles in” as it were:



And at times I do use my moleskines for a specific purpose.  For instance, I have a contest coming up where I need to create a war zeppelin.  This little sketch book is a perfect size to work on thumbnail sketches:



I’m sure I’ll be posting more and more moleskine sketches in between more finished illustrations here on my blog.  Lot of fun and a pleasure to do!


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