Joan of Arc – Revisited

I decided to go back to my recent Joan of Arc piece and work on it a bit more.  I found it to be a great challenge in that the style is softer than what I usually do.  I redid her eyes, added more hair, fixed the light source, added armor and other bits here and there.



  1. Nice drawing, when did you do the first one and besides that what made you decide to redo this drawing at this time. you know what would be interesting? show both versions, new and old, side by side. I’ve got a habit of saving everything including early sketches and since I never errace, just trace through again and again, don’t know how many times my third try worked better than my sixth try,
    so have lots of sketches, from experimenting with composition, to various posses, expression, background and lighting sketches, and way to many sheets of already scribbled on paper, good stuff for starting fires both in the fireplace and inspiring the next job on the drawing board. thanks for posting your work helps use all do better work.


    1. I do agree with your idea of posting both side by side. There are a few other pieces I am working on that I will be showing the progress images as well as the finished ones. I did not do so with Joan of Arc because I had finished the previous version just a couple posts ago. But it’s a good idea to show more and I will do my best to do so in future posts.


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