Monster Redesign #2

Time for another redesign!  I had a blast working on the Critter and had a lot of great responses from those posts.  So, after finishing up some 9 to 5 artwork, I decided to work on another.  I went searching through the 50’s era of monster movies (which I love!) and decided to play around with THE CYCLOPS from 1957.  This is one of the many great sci-fi B movies of the fifties and sixties.  With sketchbook in hand, I sat down to watch it and came up with my own take on the Cyclops.


I have to tell you that this movie is true B-movie sci-fi fun!  This era of creature-features was chock full of absurd ideas to come up with the craziest movie monsters!  And I’ve always loved the first shot of the Cyclops.  A true “booga-booga” goofy moment in cinema history!

For my design I knew that I was going to post the image of the Cyclops from the movie above as reference here, so I thought I would do a straight on shot of my own.  I wanted to keep it fairly similar.  I kept the wounded face as is for the most part, but added more to it.  I also kept the remaining eye large, but not as ‘bug-eyed.’  The idea that the Cyclops was actually a giant monster that lost one eye was a unique idea since most of us think of a cyclops with one eye neatly centered in the head ala greek mythology.  The idea that radiation melted half the creature’s face and left him with one bug-eye was fun – well, not so much for him I guess.


And there you have it.  My take on the Cyclops.  In case you’re wondering why I called it Redesign #2, it’s because my first one here on my blog was of the Critter:  Part One

I’m not sure what I’ll do as my next redesign.  There are so many creature feature movies from that era to choose from…”The Beast with a Million Eyes”? or “Attack of the Crab Monsters”? or “Frankenstein Meets the Space-Monster”? or maybe “Creature from the Haunted Sea”?  There are plenty of good ones with crazy monsters to choose from!  I remember watching these as a kid or in college with friends.  Redesigning them is a real treat.

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