Jaeger – Keep Fighting!

I took on another sketch theatre challenge – this month’s challenge topic was to create your own jaeger. I’ve been really busy this month and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to take on this one. But I had an idea pop into my head last night and I was able to scribble it down. Then, this afternoon, I had some time to finish up the sketch. The idea was to have kind of a propaganda poster feel to it. The image I had was a jaeger punching away at a kaiju with blood coming up from the current punch (as well as from the incoming other fist from the last punch). Maybe some time I’ll go and make a nice finished illustration to it. As a sketch though I think it came out pretty good.

In the movie Pacific Rim, one thing that I thought the jaegers were lacking were defense when a kaiju wanted to grabble.  So I gave my jaeger spinning blades on its shoulders and its spine.  It can retract its ball-like head into its torso as well.  It does have some long range weapons – chest missiles.  But mainly, it’s a fighting jaeger with its over-sized arms and spiked knuckles.joshhagen_keep_fighting_jaeger

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