Digital Dead Sketch

Recently I had someone ask me why I don’t work more digitally.  Well, I do and I don’t.  Most of my day to day work is storyboard related and I do that in pencils, then photoshop.  I suppose I could do all of that digitally, but for now I enjoy working in pencils as I think it is my strength.  I do work and sketch digitally, just not as much as I do with traditional media – pencils, inks.  I guess most of the digital work that I show is the photoshop color work that I use in my storyboards.

I am planning on purchasing a wacom cintiq in the near future and I am sure that it will affectively alter how I work and push me more into the world of digital art.  I’m looking forward to playing around with it and to see how it alters my workflow.

Anyways, today – just to show that I can sketch digitally as well, I decided to pull out my photoshop and spend about 15 minutes on a zombie.  I lit him from below for something different.  Turned out pretty good for a digital sketch.  I might have to doodle up a few more soon:


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