First Cintiq 13″HD digital sketches

Time to show off what I’ve been able to do so far on the cintiq.  I haven’t been able to do more than sketches for the most part as work has kept me away from really sitting down to do some fully finished pieces, but I plan on rectifying that soon!

Here’s the first few sketches:

joshhagen_csketch1 joshhagen_csketch3 joshhagen_csketch4 joshhagen_csketch5 joshhagen_rhino1

These were so much fun to do.  Digital artwork on this cintiq is so fluid!  Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional media – pencils, pen & ink, paint, markers – but the convenience of not having to scan in work, clean it up, sometimes fix it, and then FINALLY color it in photoshop or paint over it.  If you’re working under a deadline, a cintiq is a heck of a timesaver!

Now, I did do a piece that I sent out as a Christmas card.  I had done a piece for sketch theatre’s monthly contest (December’s was “Santa’s Little Helper).  I came up with one with pen, marker and gel pen for the white highlights.  But I thought it was a great opportunity to go over in with the cintiq to see how far I could push it with a traditional starting point.  Turned out pretty good I think!


So far so good with my new Cintiq 13″HD.  Might be smaller than the big-bad 24″ touch, but it sure packs a punch!  I’m looking forward to incorporating this into my work to speed up my production line.  I’m also looking forward to just exploring the possibilities with what I can do when it comes to drawing and painting digitally.

Stay tuned!

Check out my review of the Cintiq 13″HD itself here!


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