I wanted to try something different to work on some fundamentals.  I wanted to draw up some monstrosities with strange shapes.  Turned out to be an interesting way to work on lighting, technique and forms.

Turned out to be fun and actually pretty quick to pull off.  I’ll definitely be coming up with some more of these!

First one – all I had in mind was the shape of the head leading into a hunch-back.  From there it all just flowed into place.


Admittedly, the head on this fellow ended up a bit ‘cloverfield-ish’, but I went along for the ride.  I kinda liked how when I made him he had a “can this work?” feel to it.  Ended up working, so I call it a success.


This last one was the most shapeless of the 3.  I really just scribbled in an overall form and went from there.  Feels like it came out of Videodrome.




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