Face Off – ‘Open Sesame’ Design

Recently I was contacted by Ryan Straut – a big fan of SyFy’s Face Off.  He had been googling people who do sketches during the show.  I had done one a while back and he hunted me down.

Ryan has a blog: http://faceoffsketches.blogspot.com/  where he has been doing his own designs during the show.  Fun stuff he’s got there.  I recommend taking a look.

Anyways, he got me interested again in coming up with some designs during the show.  So, during the last episode – “Open Sesame” where designers had to pick a wand and come up with a wizard that used that wand – I brainstormed my own designs and this morning I finished up the drawing.

This is the wand I picked to start from:



I enjoyed the chicken foot with the eye in it.  I ended up going more of a witch route with it:



Just a quick design.  I mutated her hands and forearms a bit to have a look like chicken feet, but not literally.  Old-age makeup with scars on the face similar to some african tribes.  Also a rough clay makeup design on the face as a graphical representation of the chicken foot.  And when she does her magic she closes her eyes and opens her mouth.  Blood or a black ooze would drip out and a large bright eye would be inside.  And, of course, she holds a freshly severed bloody head.

So that’s my design for this challenge.  Next week is….anime?  Well, we’ll see how that works out.  A different style to be sure for me.

Until then!


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