Collage Portrait

There’s a method of character/creature design that never really caught on for me – photo collaging.  I know it saves a heck of a lot of time and time is money in this business.  But unfortunately, so many times I see artwork that I have difficulty telling which artist created it.  Not always of course,  but I never wanted anything to do with this method because I didn’t want to lose my style from the use of so many tricks.

Well, today I broke down and gave it a go.  But, I tried to do it my way.

I started off with a nice high def black and white portrait.  Then I found some great animal reference and started to cut up pieces and paste them on.  Then I masked it to blend.  But it still needed a bit more done to it.  So I found some unexpected photo reference and used it as some great texture starting points – intestines and steaks.  I masked those off as well.

After all of that, I saw it was looking a bit flat.  I used the liquify tool to alter the center of the portrait to bring out some more recognizable shapes that felt right as a creepy portrait.  Finally I used the brush tool for highlights and shadows.

And here he is:



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