The idea for this one with the image of bright light emanating from within this character to the point that his mask and gauntlets come across as silhouetted shapes.  Then as a juxtaposition in texture I wanted to give him a lot of hair/fur.  That started off fairly understated.  Just subtle hair, fairly realistic.  But when I finished it, it looked off.  It needed more – something to frame all of the black shapes was in order.  That brought about the idea of pushing the hair.  And it all got bigger and crazier as I went over it again and again trying to see how far I could go before it ended up looking ridiculous.  I think right now, where I left it, it’s right on the border of pretty cool and absurd:

joshhagen_hair!Character in ink, except for the fur. That was acrylic.

New piece coming tomorrow!


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