2015 Moleskines – part 23

Today I thought I would talk about a couple of great influences that I’ve been checking out lately.  First off, if you checked out my last post I mentioned that the third image was a study of a certain character done by a specific artist:


The sketch is a character called Doc Savage and the artist referred to is James Bama.  James Bama is an american realist painter and his work is AMAZING!  I highly recommend checking out his work.  It’s of course plastered all over the net, but a book I would suggest checking out would be, “James Bama – American Realist.”  Really nice examples of his work and a very Harlan Ellison introduction by Harlan Ellison (if you’re confused by that, read more Harlan Ellison).

Okay, now on to the new moleskine sketches:



joshhagen_april30These three sketches were done with references from Norman Rockwell.  If you don’t know who THAT is then…..just….just go home and read a book.  Seriously though, one little book that I always love to take a gander at in my library is my mini  “Norman Rockwell – 332 Magazine Covers.”  Tiny little thing – smaller than my moleskine, but thicker of course.  Full of jaw-dropping inspiration!  My three sketches were inspired by his works.  The first two were done while referring to pieces of a couple of his works.  And the third was a quick sketch of his Dwight D. Eisenhower post cover.  That’s also the first non-marker piece I’ve done in this new moleskine.  I kind of like the rough feel of that one.  Might do some more explorations in that style and see what happens.

More to come.  Stay tuned!

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