New Work!

Josh Hagen Storyboards

Finished up a bunch of new color pieces this weekend and uploaded them to the gallery.  It’s been a long process of finding a new style that I was satisfied with.  My goal was to work on my style to make it neater, faster and more marketable.  There was a lot of back and forth on styles.  I learned some new programs, practiced as much as I could and obtained plenty of new reference.

All in all, I really like where things are going.  Took a lot of hard work, but I really believe it paid off.

Here’s a few new ones.  Head over to the gallery to see the rest!

Chef Cutting Chef Cutting

Chef Finishing Chef Finishing

Woman Drinking Water Woman Drinking Water

Donut Guilt 1 Donut Guilt 1

Donut Guilt 2 Donut Guilt 2

Roach Stomp Roach Stomp

Celebrity Poker Celebrity Poker

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