Playing Catch Up

It’s been busy around here and I have a lot to share in the forthcoming weeks.  But for now I thought I would post a few images of some work I have done recently.

One piece I wanted to share was the newest in my stickman series.  This one is #6.  It’s based off of a photo that I came across.  I made a very rough pencil sketch and from there it was all tiny little stickmen – all done with a black .005 micron pen.  I gave it a simple black frame and, something new that I wish I had thought of from the beginning, a small magnifying glass.  I displayed it at the Pekin Days Art Show and received 3rd in the pen and ink category.  I also sold it!  Win-win!:


A close up of the eye area:



More work to show very soon.  Stay tuned!

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