Pekin Days Art Show – 2018

Back in June, the 2018 Pekin Days Art Show was held.  Every year hundreds of artists (both local and distant) show their work is a massive gallery show.  There are also a variety of events held as well as plenty of booths where art and crafts are sold.  There are also art demonstrations going on all weekend from glass blowing to bronze casting.

This year I once again entered into the show.  My pieces this year were sculpture only.  No illustrations or paintings this year.  I placed three pieces in the gallery show.  While I did not place, all three were sold.  I also had ten small pieces in the $25 and under section.  These were more of my Troll Magnets.

Here’s what I entered:

First off, here are my three gallery pieces.  I had an odd idea of creating 3 “Strange Trophies.”  Trophy heads of three strange creatures.  All three were sculpted in a super sculpey / super sculpey medium 50/50 mix.  They were then painted in acrylic and sprayed in a gloss finish.


Here’s Strange Trophy 1 – This was an amphibious design:

Here’s Strange Trophy 2 – This was an ungulate (hoofed quadruped) design:

And here’s Strange Trophy 3 – This was an aquatic design:

Now onto the Troll Magnets – Sculpted and painted the same as the Strange Trophies:

And here they are closer up:

It was a very successful show this year – for myself and for everyone!  Had a great time and am looking forward to doing it once again next year.

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