Beauty is Skin Deep

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the business side of things.  It needs work.  Recently I became a member of  I highly recommend it!  A tremendous resource of information and a nice close-knit community of artists.  Check it out – there’s free stuff there too! 🙂

What I have decided to do is come up with some goals and really shoot for them.  I’m kind of riffing right now on what my plans are.  But what I would like to do is finalize my goals and state them here for all to see.  And from there I will do my best to work towards them.  Hopefully, in the process, I would be able to assist others out there that are struggling.

On to my new piece of artwork.  I came up with an anatomy portrait.  Something I had buzzing around my head for a while now.  Just completed it today.  The reference for it comes from a photo from the book “Anatomy for the Artist” (which is a book I recommend).

Back to my goal planning.  I will post it when I can.

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