Be My Valentine Sketches

Here’s a couple of sketches I did yesterday.  I did a few others, but I didn’t like them.  But that’s how it goes – gotta work your way through the sketches that suck to get to the ones that don’t.
This first sketch was another that I just kept moving my pencil around until I started to see something I liked.  I enjoyed how the face was elongated.  I do have to admit that those fleshy thingies around his skull and chin are from working on another project.  I guess it was still fresh in my head when I put them to paper.  I like that fleshy anemone weirdness:



On this second guy, all I new going in is that I wanted nice strong shadows.  From there, I have him a blocky head and growths on his skull.  And of course a tie.  He had a hard day at work:



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