Step By Step Golden Sketch

I thought I would do something different for today’s sketch.  I wanted to show how I do a fairly quick sketch.  So I gave myself 30 minutes to sketch something starting – which included scanning the steps I took (7 in all).

Okay, I thought I would start a little differently.  I started off with a gold pen that I seldom use.  I just scribbled a bunch of lines here and there.  I kind of had an idea that I wanted to do some sort of figure, but that was about it:



From there I turned the page around and took a moment to see what I could find within the squiggles.  I could see a basic figure within all of this so I took a 30% cool grey prisma color brush pen and started blocking it in:




Then I took the 40% and 50% brush pens and started to add values to bring out and shape the figure a bit more:




Then I decided to take a nice black ink brush pen and rough in the figure a bit more with real quick strokes.  I made sure to tell myself, “Don’t Get Distracted With Detail!”  As it’s just a sketch I wanted to just work on the figure’s form and overall pose/gesture:




Okay, now I went back in with 60% and 70% brush pens and worked on lighting and the form some more.  Just building it up bit by bit:




After that, more of the same – 80% and 90% brush pens:



Then some final black ink lines to finish it off.  Just a fun sketch.  And it all started off with some squiggly lines:


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