Bookbinding the Necronomicon – part 4

My next step after having cut the leather to size is to wrap the sheep skin hide/leather around the sides of the back cover and glue them down.  As you can see I cut the corners of the leather so it can wrap around easily and then it makes it easier on me when I recut it at a 45 degree angle.  That way when they wrap around (ideally) they will then meet up seamlessly:


Mine took some doing, but luckily the leather stretches so you can noodle it as needed until it works its way into place:


All in all it turned out really well.  As you can see, if I didn’t have the extra leather added on top of this on the spine, you would see the glued on cloth underneath.


The next step is to glue the leather to the spine.  First we glue the leather to itself since it can’t fold around with the pages in the way.  A different method would allow that, but not this one.  With this method, you glue the leather at the spine to itself and then glue all of that to the spine:


Ready to attach glue-covered leather to spine:


When you wrap it around you then work the leather into all the crevices.  This is a very soft leather, so my job here was easy.  Next, as you can see, I began to cut the claws at the spine through the leather.  I didn’t have to be worried about being neat here since it will then be covered by the secondary black leather after:


Next step – claws, sigils, and more details!

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