Monster Redesign #4

Done with client’s work for the day so it’s on to another Monster Redesign!  Yee-Haw!

There’s been a lot of cool stuff going on online with new posters and teases for the new Godzilla movie coming out next year so I wanted to have some fun with this universe.  I actually wanted to work on Mothra of all creatures.  I really think that Mothra needs an overhaul.  It almost is in a different world than the rest of the Godzilla creatures.  Almost too fairy tale to be in that world.  So I thought it would be fun to do a redesign of the larva stage of Mothra.




My inspiration came from the Eupithecia moth larva found in Hawaii.  They mimic twigs, but when sensitive hairs on their bodies are touched, they attack the insect touching them.  Their 3 top pairs of legs have evolved into claws and they use them to grip their prey and feed on them at their leisure.







My idea was to utilize the form of the eupithecia larva.  The thought behind this was that it would give Mothra much more movement and a more menacing/imposing feel.  The Mothra larva as is, is very slow and gets its ass kicked constantly.  I wanted to make Mothra a bad-ass!  The eupithecia larva is fast and my thought is that Mothra could attack from all angles using this new agility.  She would still have her web spitting ability, but now there would be the addition of being able to smash-and-grab.  Now she could have a voracious appetite and really be intimidating.

Here’s my design.  I also did a quick color version as I haven’t done much color here for a while.





I might have to revisit the Godzilla universe again.  There are oodles of monsters to play around with!

Until the next adventure!


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