Monster Redesign #5

Time for another Monster Redesign!  For this redesign I decided to work on the aliens from “Attack of the Eye Creatures” from 1965.  I wouldn’t recommend watching it as is.  I would say that it is much more entertaining via THIS LINK where Mystery Science Theater 3000 makes fun of it.  They refer to it as the movie where nobody cared.  And they have a point.  The movie is supposed to take place at night, yet there are plenty of shots in the day.  The monsters are terrible with obvious zippers down their back.  And worst of all, there are points where the creatures are unfinished.  There are actually guys with just the masks running around in black skin-tight clothing and sneakers.  Too funny!

This movie is actually a color remake of a black and white movie called “Invasion of the Saucer Men.”  If you aren’t familiar with that one and the creatures/aliens in it, think of Morbo (the alien newscaster) from FUTURAMA.  He’s based on their look.

Okay, on to the Eye Creature redesign!

Let’s start off with what they look like in the movie:





The Eye Creatures 5


Just gorgeous aren’t they!

From there, I started off with some sketches.  I wanted to keep the feel of the original, but from there hopefully solve some of the design issues.  I liked the big mouth, but it needed some sort of teeth.  I thought of featherless birds for head inspiration and then I thought of squid mouths as a possibility.  In the end it  evolved from many directions:joshhagen_eye_creature_sketches


After the sketching stage, I moved on to the final illustration.  I wanted it to have a more old spooky type of feel so I gave him sort of a Frankenstein’s monster pose.  Thought that would also work well with the eyes I added to his palms:



And there we have it, a redesigned Eye Creature.

On to the next one!

And if you’re curious, CLICK HERE for more info on “Attack of the Eye Creatures.”

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