SWAT 2150

Finished this one faster than I thought I was going to.

This is my entry for this month’s sketch theatre challenge – “SWAT 2150”

My entry:
I wanted this SWAT of 2150 to still feel grounded in what we know as familiar. So in my entry, I didn’t go too far out of left field. I started out with what worked with SWAT and started to evolve him into the future of 2150. I kept him still looking SWAT with a bit of military mixed in. I also wanted to have him linked up to all the info available. In his goggles/headset he has links to satellite imaging and real time info on anything from team info, enemy info, and communications. His arm has more immediate info like his health and chemical/biological hazard info. It also has back-up displays in case his headset is damaged. He’s also connected to his to bots that he carries on his back. One is flight for eyes in the sky. And the other is a future version of a bomb-bot which can also fight along side him.  Anyways, here he is!:




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