Cintiq Like Crazy!

I’ve been putting a lot of time into my cintiq work lately.  My goal is to make this new tool as easy to use as a pencil to paper.

I have tons of work finished so far, much of it is rough and my own experimenting.  I filtered out the really rough stuff to show a few things that show some “Aha!”moments where some things really have started to click.

One important thing that I had set off to do after some artistic speed bumps was to create my own brush in photoshop.  It took a loooooong time to find one that worked the way I wanted it to.  And finally I came up with one that really suits what I need it to do.  It’s kind of a cross between a paint brush and a pencil.  Really happy with it!

On to the practice work (all that’s fit to show anyway)…

Yes, I did the obligatory eye shot.  Working on skin textures and accuracy:



Next up was an alien profile.  Wanted to work in light and shadow on this guy so black and white only:

joshhagen_alien practice2

And, speaking of black and white only, I went back over a very old storyboard frame that was originally done in pencil.  A shot of a ghoul losing her head for the movie Devil’s Den:

I decided to do a few boards in photoshop only on the cintiq.  This is one of several frames that I had rolling around my head as something visually interesting to try – animals that mimicked people’s hair or clothing.  A fluffy bird of paradise being held by a girl with big hair:



The last image I’ll show today is one of the few that I’ve been spending a bit more time on.  The last ones each took maybe 30-40 minutes each (for some that’s still way too long).  On this one I took my time and didn’t keep track of how long it’s been.  It’s still a work in progress and it’s coming along well enough to keep me interested!:



Mainly my goal for all of this is to gain more work.  It’s part of my daily regimen to work on my cintiq as long as I do traditionally or sculpting…so yeah, a lot of artwork going on here.  🙂

More to come!


  1. Great stuff mate keep at it
    I am trying this new machine but find it very frustrating. It doesn’t give me my free flowing pencil line that I rely on has the foundation to my cartoons
    But it would be good if I can train myself to use it too . I won’t need to carry a scanner and laptop and Wacom tablet everywhere.The cintiq companion could offer that freedom for my productivity too … But not yet
    Keep at it mate


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