Eye of the Beholder

I’ve been doing my best to really knuckle down and practice my photoshop skills on my cintiq daily.  And today I thought I would do a quick illustration using the new techniques I’ve been practicing.

I drew from scratch a Dungeons & Dragon’s monster – a beholder.

I started with a real quick sketch.  Then I knocked down that layer to about 40%.  Next, I went over that sketch on a new layer with a more detailed drawing at 100%.  I deleted the sketch layer and moved on to a new layer set on multiply.  I used that layer to draw over the line work with color.  First flat colors, then lights and darks to show the light source and bring in some dimension.  After that, a quick background and the sketch is done.

All in all, it took maybe an hour and a half.  Getting better.  More practice is needed, but I’m enjoying how things are progressing.

More to come!




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