Stan Winston Kaiju Project

I finally got around to drawing up and entering a couple of Kaiju designs for the Stan Winston Kaiju Project.  If you don’t know about it, check out the info here.  Sounds really cool!  Someone could get their Kaiju design built into an actual working monster suit!

But without further ado, here are my 2 humble entries.

My idea for these 2 was to change up the silhouette of the performer in the suit to hopefully bring about a real strange and unfamiliar feel to the monsters.  And hopefully give the audience a “What in the???” moment when they see them.

Kaiju 1 – As you can see, in this design the performer is kneeling with arm and knee extensions.  That along with the eyes on the shoulders and the rest of the monstrous bits, I’m hoping this one is successful!:



Kaiju 2 – For this design, I wanted the performer to be on a platform ‘floating’ on his back.  That way I could get the massive pincers that his legs move.  And then I can have the creature’s legs be thinner and bend backwards like a bird.  I thought this was a fun idea and it was something new for me to try out.



Now that these are done, I’m onto my last competition work and storyboards, storyboards, storyboards!

More to come!

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