There can be only ONE!

We’ve reached 100 followers!  *throws confetti*  So this weekend I will be choosing a winner for the giveaway.  And just as a reminder, the winner shall be sent via mail a fee copy of “How to Draw Noir Comics – The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling” by Shawn Martinbrough.  My copy has not been used by myself.  I mistakenly bought 2 copies of this book (I love my copy) and this one has been sitting on the shelf.  I bought it through an online bookstore so I believe it was handled once or twice, but it is in great condition.

Why this as a prize?  Well, much of my recent work, and a lot of my work over all, that I share on these posts have been illustrative, dealing with visual storytelling and many of which have been inked.  So I thought it fit the bill as an appropriate prize.

Who’s eligible?  This time around it will be only those in the continental United States.  It’s my first time doing this, so I’m dipping a toe in and not making it too difficult to get the prize to the winner.  Also, only the first 100 followers to my site are eligible for this first giveaway.

Over the weekend I will use my list of followers and assign a number down the list to everyone.  Then I will go to a random number generator online (maybe and have it pick a number.  That person will win the prize!  I will then mail it out to that person.

And, if this all goes smoothly, I’ll be thinking of another giveaway down the line.

Stay tuned to see who won the prize!





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