What I did on my Christmas vacation – by Josh Hagen

Happy Holidays to one and all!  I hope everyone had a festive end of the year.  I did my best to set aside some time to create some new artwork.  For instance, I felt like flexing my sculpting muscles and I came up with a few troll ornaments – or, if you will, Troll-aments.  Lot of fun to work on and they turned out pretty good.  Each is about 1 1/2 tall, made from super sculpey firm and painted in acrylic.

joshhagen_trollament1 joshhagen_trollament2 joshhagen_trollament3 joshhagen_trollament4 joshhagen_trollament5

I will be posting a lot more in the next few days or more as I have been doing a lot more work recently in my moleskines.  Lots of ink and marker work.

Stay tuned!

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