2015 Moleskines – part 7

Today I have four sketches to post.  And guess what?  They’re actually from 2015!  Yep, I’ve finally gotten to the point in the sketch book where I’m in the new year…and the title of these posts now makes more sense.

With this first sketch of the group, I wanted to do something a little more cartoony yet still a bit twisted.


For the second sketch, I wanted to do a close up of a face.  And three eyes to boot, because, why not?


This third sketch was a quicker one.  I wanted to give him a quick solid black shape and then I used a tiny 005 size micron pen for all the detail work on the face.


This last sketch was done at the end of the day.  It was one of my sketches where I scribble away until I found some interesting shapes to use as foundation of the sketch.


The next set of sketches will be posted on Monday.  Stay tuned!

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