New Monstrosity!

I’ve been wanting to create more monstrosities for some time now.  They’re so much fun to work on!  Each are great exercises in form, texture and uniqueness (at least I hope they are).  I begin by sketching in forms with no real direction in mind until I like what I see and it all just blossoms from there.

The only couple of things that were really consciously done were  – the top that was inspired by the folds of the skin on my knuckles, the feet were from thinking about a caterpillar, and the intestine looking belly was from, well, thinking about intestines.  The rest was playing around with forms, textures, and line work.


I also thought I would add a few quick sketches to show.  First up are a few other moleskine sketches from around Valentine’s Day.




This last one was done early one day last month as one of my warm up sketches.


That’s all for now.  It was nice to show some more illustration work.  I’ll try to come up with some more soon.  Maybe some more monstrosities!

Stay tuned – More to come!

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