A Monstrous Experiment

Something that I have yet to try (until now) is to create one of my Monstrosities digitally.  Drawing them up with the rougher pencil just seemed appropriate.  But today I wanted to give a digital Monstrosity a shot.  I used Clip Studio Paint on my 13″ Cintiq HD. I just went in like I normally do with the pencil function to sketch out shapes until I came up with something that I felt had potential.  From there I started a new layer and used the pen brush to go over it.  I like the stabilization feature for this.  Keeps things nice and clean as well as speeds up my workflow.  After that came a lot of experimenting.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep this one black and white or try out a color version.  I went back and forth several times and ended up going for color.  I used a limited palette and tried different effects.  This is something I’m going to have to try a few more times until I hammer down a coloring style and workflow that really works for this type of theme.


I’m happy with the overall look of this new digital Monstrosity, but the color needs work.  Being that I went in without even knowing if it would be color or black and white – I think that set me on an unknown course and hurt the end result.

I learned a lot from this, which is what I love about these illustrations/creatures.  Each is a new leap in artistic challenges.  Somewhere down the line I think this new digital color version could be the way to go with these.  I’ll still work traditionally as well because I just love the feel and that medium really lends itself well to these creatures, but the digital realm has a lot of possibilities whirling around my head for these Monstrosities.

More to come.  Stay tuned!

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