Hawksbill Sea Turtle Sculpture

After a bit of a hiatus from posting, I’m back!  A great project to kick off this return is one of my favorites that I worked on last year – Sculpting a hawksbill sea turtle.

I really loved this project!  The client was great to work with.  Gave me a lot of freedom in how I sculpted it – really supportive.  The only bummer is that the sculpture never made it to finished product.  Nothing on the client – it was just one of those projects where things happen and even though the sculpture was finished and good, the project got shelved.

Okay, back to the sculpture – The sculpt was done on a ‘break-apart’ armature as it had to be separated into 6 pieces for molding: head, carapace, and four fins.  The sculpt itself was done in a super sculpey / limo mix and is about 12 inches from beak to back fin (I’ll check on that for sure).  The style was kind of “stylized-realism.”  More on that in future posts…

Top view (Yes it did get singed in the oven.  Thankfully it didn’t become distorted.):hawksbill turtle sculpture

hawksbill turtle sculpture

Rear view (If you’re wondering, I did indeed take pictures of the sculpture on a roll of duct tape.):
hawksbill turtle sculpture

hawksbill turtle sculpture

Closer shot:hawksbill turtle sculpture

I plan on posting one or two more photo-filled posts of this sculpture.  I have a LOT of images of different angles and showing it in separate pieces as well.

Tell me what you think and if you do actually want to see more.

Stay tuned!

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