Turtle Sculpture Assembly

As I mentioned in my last post loooooong ago, here is the sea turtle sculpture separated so it could be moulded.

First off, here is the turtle in its separate parts:

Close up of the separated head:

And here is the carapace without the appendages.  You can see the square brass tubes where the smaller versions within the appendages fit inside:

Here you can see them connecting:

And the head is now connected.  The seam is on a skin fold to hide it:

This technique is great when you need to mould your sculpture in multiple pieces  for a kit or to cast it in wax or whatever as your next step:

Here’s a nice back view.  The final piece was going to be in metal so I had spots here and there that I left a little bumpy to catch the light better.  It was a fun experience:

Top view with that burn mark on it.  Luckily it didn’t distort the sculpt:

It was a tough project, but one that I really enjoyed and was glad to be a part of.  I’ll be posting more soon as I have more work to show.

Stay tuned!

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