31 Days Of Monsters – Day 5!

31 Days Of Monsters – Day 5 – Okay, this one started out with the idea of a quick sketch of a pretty girl with a wide mouth and teeth jutting out all over the place to the point of absurdity.  But I didn’t dig it.  Then a scene from Poltergeist 2 popped into my head with the demon being vomited out of the guy’s mouth.  Great effect by the way.  Go watch it.  So I extended and bulged out her neck and had her vomiting out a sort of cephalopod demon critter.  I did end up keeping her nonchalant look.  I find it a little comical now.  Sort of like, “Well, it’s five o’clock.  Time to puke up another demon.  Ho-hum.”  lol

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