31 Days Of Monsters – Day 6!

31 Days Of Monsters – Day 6 – I wanted to do a lanky thin guy.  That’s all I knew going into this.  I started off with a real rough sketch of his silhouette and gave him the circular head with a smiley face.  Then I extended the smile onto his torso and I think that worked pretty creepily.  From there I have him 3 clawed fingers and decided to put him on his tippy-toes.  All in all, a nice creepy look I think.  I did enhance the shading a little bit in photoshop, but all in all, this was another quick one.  I’m really enjoying the quick sketches so far for these monsters.  I think, for the most part, they’re a unique bunch of creatures.  We’ll see if I continue to do quick sketches or if I move onto more finished pieces as these continue.

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