MAMA Entry

I posted this over on deviantart as my entry to the MAMA contest.  I unfortunately didn’t make the semi-finals.  😦  But, to be fair, their were some tremendous entries.  It was a great contest to try my hand at.  And, on the plus side, I think my inking and marker work improved on this piece.

The contest was to come up with an image showing some horror from a child’s perspective – a monster, something seen or unseen, something terribly scary!  My idea was of these little devils/demons that find a child’s house and fall in love with them  They want to care for the child and they do so by taking over the bodies of the parents.  They don’t see how horrific they are.  They only want to care for the child and if killing their parents and puppeteering their corpses does the trick, than so be it.


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