I recently entered the Helpful Bear Production’s Creature Design Contest (info on Facebook here). Really loved this one!  Traditional sculpture done in chavant nsp medium clay over wire armature. Took a good long while to do, but I loved every step! I really wanted to have a great flow to its movement as well as distort the anatomy, but at the same time still making it believable.

We were also asked to come up with a back story for our kaiju – The idea behind mine is that it is a giant demon type of kaiju. Legend has it that if you are a devout enough follower of the ancient one Yog-Sothoth, and if you make the ultimate sacrifice of cutting off your own head, you will be granted the power of the mighty giant demon kaiju!
This fiend tramples cities and countrysides alike, destroying all in its path! The “tail” has two abilities – First, the wormy underside can spread out and gather up people/animals/whatever to be devoured similar to the tendrils of a jellyfish. And secondly, it can flex them all together into a giant whip-like weapon to slash and attack other kaiju. The stinger at the end paralyzing its foes so it can slowly eat it at its leisure. (people in the first 2 images were added in photoshop to show scale)







I’ll try to show some “making-of” images for this sculpt soon.  More to come!

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