Trolls, Trolls, and more Trolls!

Recently I have been sculpting a lot of Trolls.  In a few posts back I sculpted Little Buddy.  And just a couple weeks ago I sculpted Troll Dynasty for my Dad’s birthday.

joshhagen_TrollDynasty1 joshhagen_TrollDynasty2


Even more recently, my wife and I decided to attend the local farmers market.  And an idea I had for some time now was to create a number of troll magnets to sell locally.  I thought this would be a perfect testing ground to see how people liked them.  So far, so good.  It was a light turn out, but in the end we still managed to sell a few of them.

joshhagen_TrollMagnets joshhagen_TrollMagnets2 joshhagen_TrollMagnets3


And originally, there were actually 10 magnets sculpted.  But as this was my first time doing them, the rather strong magnets that I used popped out of the 10th one and stayed on the filing cabinet I had stuck it to.  So I had to repair it after returning from the market.  No worries though, he’ll make his public debut next week during the next farmers market.


This was a great experiment in product testing.  And a lot of fun creating these troll characters on the fly.  I’ll have to see where this little experiment leads me…


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