Skull Light

This one was an exercise in light and texture.  That’s what I knew going in before I came up with the subject matter.  Eventually I came up with the idea of a skull with the back of its cranium open and a ball of light inside it.  Everything sort of evolved from there.  It became more design based with the curve of the horn and the ‘tongue.’

I think this is one that I would like to come back to.  It feels like a piece that I could do again and do more with it the second time around.



Another piece done in 01 micron pen, brush pen, and ink wash.  The spheres and highlights were done in acrylic.  And once again the wet paper towel makes an appearance for the texture.

Tomorrow I will either show another ink piece or photos of my Boogie Alien sculpt.  Let me know if anyone has a preference!

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