Boogie Alien

The votes are in!  And my next post will be………..The Boogie Alien sculpt progress photos!



This was a faster sculpt for me as I had the initial idea in my head and I had to get it down in clay as soon as possible.  It actually just started off as the head and chest kind of like this:



I didn’t have the idea of incorporating a big mouth and feet when I started it.  That just kind of came about as I went along.  Not really a conscious decision.  It just felt like it would be fun and look cool.

It was all done in regular super sculpey mixed with a bit of fimo black and white.  Mainly because I wanted to change the tone of the grey.  Just a personal choice.

The reason I went with regular super sculpey and not super sculpey firm is that I really wanted to get my idea down in clay and I felt the firmer clay would slow me down:


joshhagen_boogierough1 joshhagen_boogierough2 joshhagen_boogierough3 joshhagen_boogierough4


After I got the sculpt to where I wanted it – and yes, I could have kept working on it.  But I liked where it was.  Not pristine, sure.  But I liked where it was.  My idea was there and it had a nice personality to it.  I could have worked on it and worked on it and smoothed it out to death, but that’s not what I wanted out of this sculpt.

Anyways, after I got it where I wanted it, I baked it and sanded it down:

joshhagen_boogieplain1 joshhagen_boogieplain2 joshhagen_boogieplain3 joshhagen_boogieplain4


After the sculpture was sanded down I came up with a paint scheme.  The color inspiration I had was from a caterpillar.  Painted in acrylic with brushes and a clear coat finish:

joshhagen_boogiepainted1 joshhagen_boogiepainted2 joshhagen_boogiepainted3 joshhagen_boogiepainted4


And there you have it!  How the Boogie Alien came about.  He was a lot of fun to work on.  It was one of those projects that was enjoyable from start to finish.

Tomorrow I’ll return with another ink illustration.  Stay tuned!




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