Beware the Muck-Man!

Okay, this one was a lot of fun!  I wanted to create a character/creature that looked like he was melting and gooey and bloated and just gross.  Or awesome depending on how to look at him.  I loved the curvy line work I gave to him and the boils on his forearms as well.  He’s kind of reminiscent of another piece of mine from years ago called “The Inside Out Man.”  A lot of the line work was done with a small paint brush and I really liked working that way for this piece.

After I finished him up I added the inky ‘stalactites’ and ‘stalagmites’ but it didn’t really look as good as I wanted it to.  I added some spattering with a toothbrush dipped in ink.  That helped a bit, but it just wasn’t there.  Lastly, I did my old ‘inky’ trick that I did in a series of pieces a year or two ago where I dripped ink and blew them into squiggly designs.  Had a nice effect and I think it worked out pretty well.  Kept it all organic as well which is my original idea behind this one.



I have at least one more ready to go in this series and I’ll show that one off tomorrow.  I’m not sure what I’ll post after that one.  Maybe a give-away for reaching 100 followers when that happens?

Stay tuned!

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