2015 Moleskines – part 3

It’s a brand new day and that brings a brand new batch of moleskine sketches!

These are from December 19th, 20th, and the 21st.

I had someone ask a few questions about some of the earlier installments, so I thought I would do something a little different with these and add a quick description with each.

I don’t know why this one ended up as a viking(ish).  I didn’t have a plan going in to it.  With a lot of my moleskine sketches, I just start drawing – looking for interesting shapes and when something catches my eye, I go with it.  I was watching a documentary on Jason and Friday the 13th when I did this one, so, go figure:

This alien fellow started out facing the other direction.  If you look on the right below his cheekbone you can see where the back of his neck originally was.  I didn’t like it and changed his position and look to what you see now:
This was another creature that was just a doodle of shapes to begin with.  I kind of liked the idea of keeping him that way up until the end when I gave him a head:

Keep a look out as I’ll be posting more tomorrow.

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