2015 Moleskines – part 11

Today I’m posting some more watercolor work that I did over my rough ink sketches.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to post these.  They’re all quite rough and look too rough to me.  I contemplated not posting them, but decided that would be a cop out.  I know that to many posting unfinished work that isn’t your best isn’t the kosher thing to do.  But personally, I like to show sketches.  By having daily sketches (weekdays), I can not only keep my blog up and running in between my work that takes a while to finish for clients or my portfolio, but I can also show off my warm-ups and maybe something will come of all of these when they’re finished.

Anyways, that was all a long way of saying that this set of sketches today aren’t my shining moment.  But they are what they are – sketches.  A learning experience.  A bit more practice.  Another hurdle to jump.

Okay, enough delays.  Here are todays sketches…

……Yeah, okay….some sort of alien spaceman… *cough*  Move along….move along….


A quick exploration in a monotone sketch…


Probably the best one of the group.  Extreme close up of someone yelling.  Maybe it was me over this post?  Heh.


Alien?  Monster?  You make the call.


Tomorrow I will be posting some micron pen work.  No watercolor on those.  I’m definitely not giving up on watercolor.  I’m just taking a break from it.

Stay tuned!

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