2015 Moleskines – part 12

Todays sketches are all about the tiny 005 micron pen.  I really enjoy working with this little guy.  The trick I’m finding is to not overlap the lines – don’t build them up to much and make it too thick and dark.  At least that’s how I’m liking it.  I’m still feeling out this technique, but so far I’m digging it.


For the second sketch here, I started out with a quick bit of light line work to come up with an interesting shape.  I knew I wanted to create some sort of humanoid creature, so I had some parameters going in.  But after that, I just played around searching for something that caught my eye.  After I had the basic shape of the creature, I started the fun part of working with the lines and texture.


Might do a few more of these for the next blog post on Monday.  Lot of fun.

Stay tuned!

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