2015 Moleskines – part 13

I’ll be taking a break after this post from the moleskines.  I’m working on a few other projects and haven’t had the amount of time to devote to these sketches as I did in earlier posts.  Some of the quality has been waning and I made a promise to myself late last year not to post anything too rough here anymore.  And it’s time to enforce that.  I will be sharing more posts of my work soon, but not until I have more ‘unrushed’ images.

In the meantime, here are the final four moleskine ink images from the last couple of days.

These four sketches were my attempt to take the style I have been starting to feel as the way to direct myself when using the tiny 005 micron pen and push it in slightly different directions.  I wanted to see if there might be another way to go – a happy discovery that might pop up while sketching in undiscovered territory.  For the most part, not so much no.  I believe that may be because of my dwindling free time that I’ve had available with new projects emerging.  Nevertheless I enjoyed the opportunity to explore.




joshhagen_jan18-2And now, on to new things.  I hope to post new images of what I am working on as soon as possible.

Stay tuned!

Check out part 12!



  1. I’ve been looking, but I think the image cover photo is really interesting… Is there a blog story behind that or was it just an image you decided to throw up from some collection?



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